Meet the Rich Dogs of London Living the Most Lavish Life

Source: Instagram richdogsoflondon If you’ve ever checked out the Rich Kids of London Instagram, you’ve seen the elaborate and lavish lifestyle some teens are living in the city of London....

This Grandma’s Makeup Transformation Is Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous

1. Meet Grandma Livia. The 80-year-old, who lives in Croatia, is grandmother to makeup artist Tea Flego. Flego told BuzzFeed she knew she wanted to be a makeup artist “since early childhood,” and often practiced on her grandma. “My granny was always my model,” Flego said. “She always loved makeup, and it was not a [...]

10 Photos Of Moms That Are Never Not Funny

1. The mom who found a way around her electric mixer: 2. The moms who trolled their own sons: 3. The mom who spent her retirement laminating leaves: 4. The mom who made her daughter a custom bookmark: 5. The mom who hates lint: 6. The mom who took censorship into her own hands: 7. [...]

29 Things You’ll Recognise If You’ve Ever Lived In A Student House

1. This exact Ikea lampshade, hanging low enough for you to hit whenever you put your coat on. 2. An entirely useless three-pronged fork. 3. A stolen pint glass. 4. A mug full of squash that was taken from a careers fair. 5. A slightly broken laundry drying rack. 6. Clothes drying everywhere. 7. A [...]
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